About Us

Our Management Team


Ali Rosenberg is the CEO of our company, UV Clean. Ali is dedicated and loves helping the community in her free time. She also is a counselor and logistics assistant at Sunrise Day Camp. She plays tennis and lacrosse for school. Ali is the Co-Founder and President of Women in Business and she also participates in Serendipity, DECA, Fashion Club, as well as Student Government. She loves working with other people and is ready to apply that quality to our class this year!


Erica Borzone is the COO of our company, UV Clean. Erica is an All County recipient, playing on the varsity volleyball team for 4 years now. She partakes in Unity Coalition, Nature of Americans, and Women in Business for her high school and is a candidate for the GS Gold Award. Erica has spent years participating in community service activities. She is eager to work with this company as she brings her experience in both leadership and teamwork to this organization.


Shivaangi Salhotra is the CFO of our company, UV Clean. They are a member of Forensics, DECA, Adelettes, and Model Congress, and play badminton for the school team in the spring. Shivaangi enjoys drawing and talking about philosophy in their free time, and looks forward to a successful year with the company!


Jaclyn Page is the CMO of UV Clean. Jaclyn is the vice president of Photography Club and is very involved in artistic pursuits outside of classes. She has taught herself how to use several Adobe Creative Cloud platforms and is excited to bring these skills to the marketing team. She has been playing basketball and running track for many years, so she looks forward to bringing her teamwork and leadership experiences from these activities to her work at UV Clean.